When it comes to speed cameras how they work is not important

August 12th, 2012

Everybody is always running around worrying about how speed cameras operate exactly how they will give you a ticket, but you don’t have to worry about any of this if you can make sure that no matter what you cannot be issued one. If this is a surprising concept for you then you are in for a huge surprise when we tell you that avoiding speed camera fines or red light camera tickets is as easy as spraying something onto your license plate. Some very intelligent individuals have come up with a way to make your license plate impossible to be photographed while at the same time remaining completely unidentifiable to the average person’s eye that you have done anything to mess with the plate. Even though there is an easy way to get around speed cameras how they work is something that bears explaining.

Speed cameras are very simple in concept. The police officer or government agency places a specific kind of camera in a predetermined location. When you pass by at a speed that exceeds what they’ve determined the proper number it sends a signal to take a snapshot of the license plate of the car that flew by. These photographs are electronics are they just sit in a database waiting for somebody to retrieve them. Once they are retrieved some of it will take a look through the pictures and determine what the license plate is and go ahead and issue a speeding fine. As simple as this concept is it is extremely effective for the less informed parts of the population. The wonderful part about this is that as easy as it is for them to go ahead and issue a speeding fine it is just that easy for knowledgeable people to avoid getting them.

What are some alternatives to using a clear license plate spray to avoid tickets? Some people that are nervous about using the clear license spray juice to put different kinds of covers over it. Some of these covers are relatively clear and allow somebody to see the numbers with their naked eye but just distort any flash photograph that is taken. Other people decide to go for the darker tinted ones in the hopes that it will just a skewer everything enough that they will never get a ticket. There are a couple of flaws with both of these which would like to cover right now. If you’re using this because you are worried about speed cameras how they work is completely irrelevant. The first thing we will address is the darker tinted plate covers. Police officers are not stupid and all they have to do is drive around town and pull you over when they see that you’re the plate cover this up scaring their ability to see your license plate. This one really doesn’t deserve any further conversation because it is just a bad idea. When it comes to the clear plate covers that simply distort photographs but all I see with your naked eye these are a slight bit better, however if you have a small enough town and the police just decide to start cracking down on anybody with a cover you are going to be found guilty of it and forced to remove it. When you think about it the only real solution is to use the highly effective spray to distort any flash photographs that are taken and are imperceptible to somebody looking at it.

There are plenty of people in this world that have more than enough money to spend on citations and speeding tickets so if this applies to you then you have no need for this product or anything similar. However, if you are one of the many people who values the dollar during these tough times you have two choices. The first choice that you have is you can go ahead and obey each and every traffic law that you can, which means you will never speed or go through a red light, or the second and most effective choice that you can go ahead and drive that you see fit so that you can get from place to place in an efficient manner without any fear of getting red light or speeding tickets by using license plate spray tube skier the numbers and letters when they are being photographed but cannot be perceived by any cop just looking at it.

Stop getting camera speeding tickets

August 11th, 2012

The days of a cop having to sit on the corner at an intersection to watch you speed by or run a traffic light are long gone. These days all that have to do is place a specific kind of camera at any intersection or in any speeding zone and they will be able to take a picture of your license plate in a matter of moments at issue you a speeding ticket or a fine of some sort. Years ago you had very little to worry about because the odds of any particular please been paying attention to what you were doing at a given time was very slim. Cops have all sorts of other things to worry about during their average day that you speeding through a certain part of town or running a goofy red light is not such a concern. If your city only had a few dozen different police officers then they were certainly way too busy to worry about you. In the cops eyes they were being taken advantage of, which is why they hired out a lot of technology geniuses to figure out a way to bust you for doing things while they are not even looking. Along comes a camera speeding tickets, which were able to give the city’s and counties much desired revenue without actually putting out any labor for it. It is true that they had to spend a little bit of money on the cameras, but that was a one-time cost and they could continue to issue tickets and collect fines for years to come.

So how exactly do people went up with camera speeding tickets? The simple answer is this. When you travel to a certain zone that is monitored by a camera it is programmed to respond to certain things such as you running a traffic light or going by at a speed that exceeds the programmed number. This camera does nothing more than take a picture and leave in a computer. At some point, anytime they want, a police officer would simply download the information and take a look through it and issue a citation to anybody who owns those license plates. The great thing is that people discovered if you’re able to make it so that your license plate cannot have it clear picture taken of it no police officer can offer you a speeding fine or a red light ticket. While this was great news there were still no way to avoid getting them as of yet.

Whole lot of very smart people decided that they would just go ahead and put a cover over their license plate that would prevent the camera from seeing it clearly. The problem is that the earlier plate covers also stop the naked eye from clearly seeing it. This meant that all the police had to do is drive around town and look for somebody to have a license plate cover up scaring their vision of the numbers and they would pull them over and write them a ticket. Basically, the thing that you were using to evade the cameras was very easily noticeable by anybody who chose to see it. After these developers sat and talked for a while they figured out the simplest solution was actually the most effective, which is to create a spray or similar concept to make it so that camera was not able to take a clear picture of your license plate but that was completely invisible to the naked eye. This means that you are able to drive around town and go through whatever red lights you want at any speed and even if somebody detected that you did it they would only know the color and model of your car. The good thing for you is that they can’t issue camera speeding tickets based off of years and models of cars, they need a true way to identify you otherwise it will never hold up in court.

If you have all the money in the world and you feel like spending a lot of it on camera fines then go ahead but if you really want an effective way to be able to drive around town as you need to without the fear of wasting money on tickets then go ahead and buy some of the spray and give it a shot.

Speed camera fines are unnecessary

August 10th, 2012

There are many areas in this world where technology has benefited everybody involved, however when it comes to speed detection by the police is something that has gone way past what we appreciate. Years ago if a police officer wanted to catch you speeding through a certain zone or running a red light that actually sit there in their car and view you doing it. The good thing about that is that especially when city started cutting budgets and reducing the amount of police officers on duty there was even less of a chance still that she would get caught. Police officers can only be in one place at any given time, which means if they are busy doing something else and they are not available to sit and watch you break any traffic laws. The busier the police force is working other crimes or chasing other criminals the less time they have to sit around and do something silly like issue traffic citations and speeding fines. This was a wonderful thing for people like us who like to get places a little bit faster and feel that the speed limits are a little too slow for our taste. As the police departments noticed a reduction in the fines they were able to issue the started looking towards technology developers to make things that will be their eyes while they’re not away. This brought about the invention of cameras to detect what we are doing while the police are not looking and along with that came enormous amounts of speed camera fines.

The police departments love this concept because they would be able to enforce red lights and speed limits when they weren’t even there. All they had to do is download the list of pictures that these cameras took and they would be able to figure out who they need to issue a citation to in a matter of minutes. As soon as this happened it turn the world on and then you have to make a decision about whether or not you want to start obeying traffic laws or just consider the fines as a cost of driving each and every day. Not wanting to be beaten a lot of very smart people started thinking about exactly how they could go about beating the speed camera fines. After lots of meetings and a lot of failed ideas somebody have a smart idea to go all the back to the beginning of the concept. What was eventually thought of is that it didn’t matter if the camera caught you doing anything illegal if they were not able to trace it back to you as the person who did it. The only way that they can trace who is committing any sort of traffic offense is by your license plate. The solution, make it so that your license plate is not detectable to these particular speed cameras.

Not only did just to make sure that it was unable to be photographed effectively, but you also to make sure that it did not look like you were doing anything wrong. The way this all came about is that when people first started thinking about this tape with dark tinted license plate covers over their license plates. While this worked to prevent the camera from picking up on who was actually running a red light or speeding through a specific area it was extremely obvious that that was what you were trying to do. It became the trend of all of the police officers in the area to take close looks at everyone’s license plates while they were driving through the city. If they noticed that you had something on your license plate that was meant to conceal it from view they would you simply pull you over and write you a ticket. What ended up having to be developed was an invisible spray that somehow distorted the cameras ability to take a clear photograph of your license plate while at the same time looking completely clear imperceptible to the naked eye. There are a number of companies that will promise to deliver on such claims but only one has managed to take it to the next level and currently leads the pack with nobody in a close second. If you a lot of money and you don’t mind paying all of the huge speed camera fines that will be issued then go ahead and take your chances, but if you’re really interested in making it so that you can drive however you need to all around town in any city in the country then take a look at what these guys have to offer.

Speed cameras can make your drive suck

August 9th, 2012

Most people are very different from one another however the one thing that each and every person has in common is that they have to get from place to place each and every day. The most popular way to get around this by using your car, however there are always cops out there trying to get you for speeding or running red lights. This never used to be a serious problem because a cop would have to sit out on the side of the road in order to catch you doing something, that these days they no longer have to put that effort out because they can just simply place speed cameras all over the city. The reason that these things are such a problem is because they are very difficult to see and usually by the time you see them it is too late and your party sped past it or run a red light.

When these products first came out on the market and the cities, counties, and police departments begin to purchase them they were a real problem. The thing is that they never actually stop anybody from running a red light or speeding through a certain area, all it did was increase the amount of tickets that the police were able to write in the amount of fines that everyday drivers had to pay. The good thing is that there are a lot of very smart individuals that began thinking about how to counteract this problem. These developers were going to have to start thinking along brand-new lines because there was no way you’re going to be able to detect these speed cameras with the technology that we all have in our cars at a given time. These geniuses spent a long time thinking about new and brilliant ways to determine where these cameras were located in trying to get the word out. At some point somebody sat back and decided to look at this process from much simpler standpoint, which was make it so that even if you are caught running a red light or speeding past a certain zone these cameras would not be able to pick up your license plate.

The simple solution to this enormous global problem was that they just had to find a way to conceal your license plate from a camera but still make it completely visible to the naked eye. A number of different companies were trying to solve this problem at the same time but a few of them took it to the next level and began to lead the pack. Nowadays there is only one company was able to promise you something that will make your license plate completely and totally invisible to the speed cameras while making it completely and totally undetectable to anybody else on the road. This is very important because the police are oftentimes driving behind you just looking for a reason to pull you over and give you a ticket that they attach a fine too. Some people thought they were smart and used tainted license plate covers to make it so that the cameras were unable to get it clear picture of their plate, but what they did not think about is that on the off chance that a police officer was driving behind you he would be able to see that you’re trying to conceal your license plate from view and to actually write you a ticket for it. The license plate sprays on the market today are just the best, nation of things that you need in order to avoid paying extensive speeding fines or fines from running red light cameras.

These Phantomplate guys rock. The license plate spray is awesome

April 5th, 2009

I am done getting tickets from running traffic lights. I have gotten a ticket recently from red light cameras and am fuming mad. I never thought about them before and always focused on defeating regular laser radar and have been very successful so far. I have not gotten a speeding ticket ever since I got my new radar detector so I thought that I was untouchable. I have heard of the photo radar before but did not think that my county had any up yet so they slipped my mind. Well guess what, they have them all over the place now. I found this place called phantomplate on the Internet and they have a spray that will make it impossible for the photo radar red light cameras to get a good shot of your license plate and stop you from being able to be ticketed. This stuff is awesome.

I got mine shortly after getting that stinking ticket and have not had any problems before. My dad found out that I was using the anti photo spray and freaked and I explained to him that the cameras are not always right and I was not going to be getting a ticket for no reason and he bought it and thinks that it is fine now. I am now protected from all sorts of issues and can now drive with confidence and comfort. Photoblocker spray is awesome.

My dad now uses photoblocker spray, kinda cool but kinda not!

March 31st, 2009

My dad found out that I put Phantom plate anti photo finish spray on my plate a few months back. I forgot to throw the can away and it was just sitting in my room. I got yelled at for violating the condition of the plate and he was pretty angry. He complained that the product is only good for breaking the law that that I was being a horrible citizen for doing it and on and on. First of all that is a crock of garbage, I do not run red lights on purpose but right now in the county that I live in there are red light cameras on so many intersections that it is hard to keep count. These machines make error like all machines and people and the problem is that we put a lot of stock in the results of the camera and issue tickets like crazy so I wanted to stay away from it.

I have not gotten a red light camera ticket now for months so the photostopper spray seems to work like a charm. Oh, back to my dad. So I was in the garage the other day and found a can of the photoshield spray sitting on the workbench. I almost passed it off as the can that he found of mine but decided to check it out anyways. Sure enough, the can was still half full and mine was empty not to mention the receipt next to it. Sneaky jerk used my can to figure out how to order it and bought another can. I would not care that he uses license plate spray but after the freak out that he did with my phantomplate purchase he deserves an argument.

Phantomplate stuff works sick if you remember to spray it on!

March 30th, 2009

It is just my luck. I have been using photo radar spray on my license plate for a long time and never ended up with a ticket. I have been a believer in the anti photo stuff for a long time since they have always worked for me and I have saved tons of time and money. Here is the freaking kicker. I just replaced my license plate a few months back and I never remembered to put the finish on the new one. I guess that I have just been really lucky so far in a few months because I got no tickets but sure enough the day came. It is weird because when I got the ticket in the mail that said that I got a ticket for running a red light I thought it had to be a joke since I have been able to defeat photo radar for years using a photo block spray. It then occurred to me that I recently replaced my plate and never sprayed the Phantomplate material on the new one.

Needless to say I am pissed off about the red light ticket but am also extremely impressed that the number plate spray works so well that this is the only one I ever got and that is because there was not photoblock on the plate at the time. If you hate to get tickets, who the heck doesn’t, then you got to check out the photostopper spray. I know it works right but just remember if you want it to work the best then you have to put it on!

The Phantomplate license plate spray works awesome

March 29th, 2009

I got a ticket for running a read light and a camera took my picture. I used the license plate blocking spray a few months back so I was so happy when the ticket came and the plate numbers were no completely legible. They were able to narrow me down by the car and the few letters that they could see on the plate but as far as I am concerned that is garbage since it does not truly prove it is me. I know it was but they need better proof than that.

I went to traffic court and they asked me a bunch of questions and I simply denied absolutely every one of them. The cop even told the judge that the car in the photo radar picture was using anti photo spray on the numbers and the judge agreed. The cop then asked if they could examine my car to prove that I sprayed the plate and the judge said no way in hell. I got a nasty speech from them since they knew as well as I did that I tampered with my plate so that the red light camera could not get a clear shot of my license plate but they could not prove it. Phantomplate rocks and the photoblocker stuff is the best stuff on earth. Thanks guys.

THe photoblocker spray is the only way we will win against the photo radar

March 27th, 2009

The damn police sent me a red light camera ticket in the mail the other day but it is not my first one it is just the first one that was given to me without the person being there to do it. Apparently while I was not looking the city put in red light photo radar. That is fine and good for the city so they can make a ton of money off of people they think tan lights but I am not all that confidant that they work so well. I am not sure when I got it exactly, I have the date and time and location but I drive that area all the time. What I am saying is that I may have gone through the light but I may not have. I have done a bunch of reading on this read light cameras and they do fail. The fact is that I am not going to have this happen again I am getting the photostopper stuff.

I need the anti photo radar spray. This stuff is invisible to the eye but makes it so that if a picture is taken of your license plate it comes out all glared and unreadable. This is much cooler than the plate covers since they work I guess but can been seen and the cops may be able to ticket you for it. They may be able to ticket you for the photoblock spray too but they cannot see it so go ahead and prove it.  Anyway the only way to beat photo radar is by blinding it with some number plate spray.

Phantomplate is doing a good service, speed camera mistakes happen!

March 25th, 2009

Do these cops know that the photo radar that they use does not work all of the time properly? I am not one to try to break the law since I do my best to obey the laws since they are there to keep order and safety. I do have a problem with some things though and that is why I am considering using a license plate spray to stop the speed camera from getting a shot of my plate. Here is the deal. I have now seen multiple films where they show the photoradar get a snapshot of a car that is not the one running the red light. I am not sure of how they work exactly but something triggered it to want to take a picture and the one that it got the shot of was not the one, clearly, that it meant to get.  These people that drove properly and obviously did not try to defeat photo radar got stuck with a huge fine.

I am not saying that people should not be held accountable for breaking the law but the cameras have no way of weighing out a situation and that can lead to mistakes as we have seen. I am not a fan of a person trying to hide a license plate from plain eyes such as the tinted plate covers or similar things but a finish that prevents a shot of being clearly taken I have no problems with. I think that most people will use Phantomplate products to cover themselves from mistake not to break the law intentionally. I myself am even considering getting a photostopper spray.